My name is Ceasar Clark, I train entrepreneurs and creators to take decisive action so they can get their greatest work into the world. I promote and train people in the areas of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and stability as the foundation to living a full life with joy and happiness. I have backgrounds in business, marketing finance and Hiphop and teach what I’ve learned along my personal journey, rather it be from mentors,books or personal experiences. I share those lessons with the world.

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Ok here’s the real story, 1989 I was born. Thanks to God, Tonya Williams and Erick Clark.

Fast Forward

I began working for the United States Post Office as a Custodian in 2014. Three months after getting hired I was turned over to be a career employee which began to play all types of psychological tricks with my mind, causing anxiety, an anxiety of possibly getting trapped as some of my co-workers at the time had been there, some in the same building we were in, for over 30 years. I went through some depression, or depressing times. I was lonely and always alone. I was lonely, but wanted to be alone. I was lost and confused, really, afraid more than anything. I had no direction. during these times I would sleep in the locker room in a picnic chair for hours. Sometimes the majority of my shift.

I eventually got, what they call “promoted,” to Group Leader Custodian and then to a Maintenance Mechanic working on Mail Processing Equipment. I gave it a shot but wasn’t interested in the work and I couldn’t fake it, as I tend to believe many people working there were. Settling for sure. I barely knew the name of the tools I used everyday, I was sleeping in my car during my shifts as I did as a custodian, in the locker room. Working from 10 pm – 630 am ( 30 minutes for a lunch break I didn’t need and wasn’t paid for) didn’t help my circumstance at all, especially with a baby, who became a toddler, at home!

As of right now, It’s been 5 days since I left. My hope is to use everything that I’ve learned and will learn to better not only myself, but be a vessel as a way out, to everyone else who is at that same point in their life. I am currently still in hermit mode, but plan to stick through and implicate on the things I’ve gathered and act on opportunities I come across and more importantly, began creating opportunities myself .

P.S. If you are lost and never consume another piece of content from me, I want you to take these 2 Bible scriptures with you, humbly and openly.

David’s prayer for forgiveness

Psalm 25

The Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 7:7-8