Don’t be a Bitch of your Own Brain

mind_control_by_sebmaestro-d4bsbefOur minds are susceptible to be influenced by everything that we allow to enter it. Through what we hear, see, taste, speak, think and feel. We are influenced by the world we live in, by our surroundings, by the people that we interact with and by the media we consume. Some is good, some is more detrimental. So basically, until we can become the master of our minds and control our behavior not based on outside influence, but inner wisdom, we will be a Bitch of our Own Brain. We will live being a slave to our minds, which is influenced by everything and everyone we encounter. From the way that we dress and speak, to the things that we purchase and how often we purchase, to what we eat and how we see ourselves. The list can go on forever.

If you want to succeed in life,  you will have to become the Master over your mind. Great success always requires tremendous focus. Constantly, not only this week, or only this month, but YEARS of focus.

Please understand, this is likely the most important part to being able to win at life. This is the foundation to everything else. This is not to be forgotten or given up on. If ever you lose focus and start to backslide, take notice and simply start again! There’s never anything wrong with failure, only when you become alright with following the path of failure. You can’t Win if you’re okay with living with Failure. Keep seeking the ‘W’ no matter what.



Remember that good habits can be formed just as bad habits can be formed! So, when you want to make a change for the better, just start. Make the decision in your heart and once you feel it in inside you, once you feel that energy going through your soul, don’t wait until next month, do it NOW. That is KEY. Then keep in mind that it is always easier to follow momentum. Meaning once you get going, do everything you can to keep it going, until it becomes habit, which it will after about 66 days; a little over 2 months! Just think how awesome your life will be if you start a few great habits- you can in just only 2 months! like eating healthy meals, exercising normally, reading, tithing, whatever it may be. Things that we probably never imagined being able to really live everyday, we really can!


Control Your Mind, Control Your Life.




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