Success: What Successful Thinks it Takes

I follow many successful people and I’ve noticed that they all have many things in common when they’re talking about what brings someone success.

1. Is to take everything day-by-day. As Will Smith puts it, lay one brick at a time and eventually you’ll have a house. So rather you want to improve your health, finances, or relationships, we must do something each day to work towards making that how we want it. watching how we eat and exercise, watching how we spend, save and where our money goes, reaching out to our loved ones and spending time or showing appreciation. It all adds up, you’ll get the results you desire if everyday work towards improvement. DISCIPLINE.

2. Make a decision in your heart and focus on it. You must make a definite decision within yourself. That’s more than simply wanting or wishing for something, its almost like a vow that you commit to yourself that you’re going to work to bring that BURNING DESIRE into reality. It could be breaking a bad habit or working towards some goal you want to achieve. Once you’ve made that decision and you can feel it inside you, like an energy it gives you, stay focused on it, don’t allow it to leave, don’t let anyone or anything influence your thoughts away from it. Let the universe work for you, we can not let fear or doubt hold us back because for one, fear is only in our heads. We are the only ones who can stop ourselves from achieving the things we want in life. The Universe wants us to have what we desire! That is why we desire them!! and if you allow the Universe to do it jobs, with your support in action and belief, the Universe will see to it that we get just that! This is an amazing and we are some amazing beings! We just need to get out of our own way mentally!

3. Have some philosophy that you live by. If we have some philosophy to live by that we use as guidance that will make things much smoother for us throughout our journey. It’ll keep us on track and from getting lost. You can have a religious philosophy, or things you’ve picked up from mentors or books. Have something! It’ll do you good.
Philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.

4. You must have GOALS. Long term and short term. Yearly, weekly, daily. Have goals! Goals will keep you motivated and also they give you a way to track your progression! We must ave something to shoot for, only having a dream will not be enough to really ignite our flame because it’ll be a dream, dreams are difficult to believe in that’s why they’re called dreams!. If we have a goal that’s attainable and will be a stepping stone to a bigger goal, then we can progress slowly but surely towards the bigger picture. Like Will said, one brick at a time. He didn’t believe he could build a house at first, he started small and kept expanding to new heights.

5. Action Action Action. The things we do (say and think) is how we change things in the universe, If we don’t do much, wont much change for us, its as simple as that. Also if we don’t do the right things, then the right things probably aren’t going to happen for us. Action! We must really learn to discipline ourselves if we want to live in our fullness. The world has so much to offer and we can become so much more. Let’s work on taking action everyday towards the lives we want, the health we want, and the freedom we desire. Time is the single most greatest resource that we have. WE HAVE TO USE IT WISELY. I really can’t stress that enough. I love y’all and want the best for everyone, let’s keep our priorities in order and get the most out of life. ‪#‎GreaterPossibilities‬

Take care!

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